Greenstone ICE Panels

Save Money Building Green

Sandstorm builds with Greenstone ICE Panels. They’re engineered using two well known and accepted building materials – polystyrene and galvanized steel. The combination results in a much lighter and stronger building envelope, energy efficient and durable for a structure that’s built to last.

Their unique qualities and connection details eliminate thermal bridging, making ICE Panels one of the most energy efficient materials available to build with.


Expanded Polystyrene & Galvanized Steel

  • EPS is a rigid cellular plastic that is up to 97% atmospheric air. 
  • EPS has no trapped gases which create inflated R-values; this means no toxic off-gassing and a maintained R-value
  • Galvanized steel has a high strength to volume ratio, which makes it ideal for versatile designs.
  • Galvanized steel is environmentally stable, completely recyclable and has a 200+ year life expectancy.