HTS Beams

An Intelligent Evolution in Materials

HTS Beams are made with lumber flanges connected with a thin wall of corrugated steel. Sandstorm Construction uses them because all HTS Beams are designed for your project and to your specific requirements. They can replace I joist, trusses, engineered wood beams and other common forms of wood construction.

There’s some strong arguments to be made for the use of the HTS Beam. They allow for long spans and low depth vs. capacity ratios. Plus they’re easy and efficient to build with so your project gets built strong and true, and on budget.


Some facts about HTS Beams

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Straight and dimensionally stable
  • Strong and Stiff – low depth vs capacity ratio
  • Environmentally Friendly – low material use
  • Economical & Energy Efficient