ReflectoRay Infrared Enviro-Smart Heating

Heat Your Space Without Sacrificing Efficiency

Investing in a quality infrared heater means you won’t burn through your utility bill. Depending on the length of the line, a low quality burner can lose six to seven degrees celsius between the heater and exhaust pipe. This inefficiency is reflected in your thermostat, and as a response – works the heater even harder.


How ReflectoRay Heaters Pay Efficiency Dividends

The ReflectoRay infrared heaters we sell and install are accurate to one to two degrees celsius from heater to exhaust. The investment up front pays for itself, and more down the line. They’re SA approved, and can be sold, bought, or installed in Canada or the U.S. 

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Specialized Heating Systems for The North

Is your project out of reach of an installed gas line? At Sandstorm Construction, we sell and install oil-fired burners built specifically with the Canadian North in mind.